This is the jumping off point for my research into Polish costume circa 1000 AD.

It is a work in progress.

Weave Structures:

Below are structures found in Poland; the location of the finds are noted with the images. One may also wish to see the structures found at Birka, Sweden, which date to the 10th C.; both Gdansk and Birka were points of import and export.

Gdansk tabletwoven band

The above is a tablet woven band found in Gdansk. A photograph of the band can be seen in the book Archeological Research in Poland by Witold Hansel & Aleksander Gieysztor. © 1958 Polonia Publishing House, Warsaw. p. 60 fig. 43. It is described thusly: "Fragment of a Byzantine brocade ribbon (silver threads on olive-coloured silk background) from the 11th century"

Last Updated: September 24, 2003