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Dye Chart:

listing Brazilwood, Cochineal, Cutch, Fustic, Indigo, logwood, madder, osage, walnut, & weld plus more useful links.

Links for important safety information:

EC Safety Phrases - data sheets from Europe now contain codes for certain 'safety phrases', this list explains the codes
Risk Phrases - Data sheets are now coded for risk phrases. This site explains those codes.
Abbreviations used in Toxicity Data - list of the meanings of abbreviations found in toxicity data for chemicals

MSDS Sheets:

MSDS for Aluminum Potassium Sulfate
MSDS for sodium hydroxide
MSDS for sodium hydrosulfite
MSDS for sodium carbonate
MSDS for Apigenin
MSDS for Brazilin
MSDS for Carminic Acid
MSDS for Fisetin, 70%
MSDS for Hematoxylin
MSDS for Indigo
MSDS for Morin
MSDS for Purpurin
MSDS for Alizerine
MSDS for Tannic Acid
MSDS for Juglone
MSDS for Luteolin
MSDS for Catechin
MSDS for Ferrous Oxide
MSDS for Ferrous Sulfate

Bibliography: This list is not meant to be exhaustive, it is a starting point for your investigation.

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