Marla Mallett Textiles & Tribal Oriental Rugs
Jacqueline James - Tapestry weaver
Ruth Stowe's Homepage Great links
Turkotek- Non commercial site featuring Collectable rugs
Dick Lindell's Homepage
Spinning FAQ
Half Way Tree Sources for plans for looms & spinning wheels
Ron Parker's list of lists
Joy Williams' page
Medieval and Viking links
Viking Heritage Server & DatabaseFröjel

PROFESSIONAL CARDING FACILITIES: Where to get your fiber cleaned, and carded into roving, batts, etc.

Taos Valley Wool Mill
Ohio Valley Natural Fiber
Fantasy Fibers
Black Berry Ridge Woolen Mill
Ozark Carding Mill (formerly Rabbit Wren)
Fingerlakes Yarns
Wool Processing - Alberta, Canada


Used Spinning & Weaving Equipment
The Fiber Equipment and Barter Page
Spinners And Weavers Housecleaning Page


CIOFS in Rome
Canadian National Council (SFO)
The OFM General Curia (Rome, Italy)
Franciscan Institute Outreach
Divine Mercy Region Located in Michigan, this site has their newsletter and other great links.


List of Catholic Diocese in US
Loyola University of Chgo My alma mater
Cecil Adam's Streight Dope a weekly feature of the Chicago Reader

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